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  • UHHD | Professional Products for Beautiful Hair
  • UHHD | Professional Products for Beautiful Hair

Professional Products for Beautiful Hair

As an exclusive Redken salon we have everything you need to maintain luxurious hair at home and create gorgeous styles with our range of styling and hair care products. Amp up the glamour with one of our professional standard styling tools; which include Cloud9, brushes, and curling tongs. For more information on the brands we stock, simply click any of the links below.



Welcome to the next generation of smoothing!

We are excited to introduce two amazing new permanent blow-wave services; KeraStraight smoothing treatment and Keratin Complex Express Blowout. Lasting up to 4 months, these services actually improve the condition of the hair while providing up to 80% smoothing; reducing frizz and styling time for a beautiful salon fresh look at home.



"I love having long hair but hate doing it! I actually can't believe how Keratin Complex has taken all the effort out of it (as well as the frizz) so now a quick blow dry leaves me with 'done' hair for days. Even if I let my hair dry naturally it has no frizz...perfect for the summer and the beach."

- Jo Thelin

"I had the Keratin Complex treatment 5 weeks ago and have never had such fabulous, shiny, soft hair. I have a natural curl which makes my hair frizzy - the Keratin Complex has been fantastic at smoothing this and reducing the time it takes to style. I love it."

- Louise Devine

"Before I had the Keratin Complex treatment I would dread having to wash and style my hair. It would take up to an hour, and was a painful process. After having the Keratin Complex treatment my styling time was reduced by at least half and I have enjoyed leaving the house with smooth, clean and fresh looking hair. My hair has always been frizzy and 'fro' looking, and this process has left my hair feeling beautifully conditioned well and truly after the 6-8 period that was expected. I totally recommend it!"

- Amy Chippendale