• UHHD | Ursula  - Salon Owner
  • UHHD | Ursula  - Salon Owner

Ursula - Salon Owner

I started my hairdressing career in 1989. Since then i have worked in various salons which has helped me to develope a strong vision for the salon. I started this salon in 2005 and it has been a fantastic journey filled with amazing people, talent, passion, fun and fashion. Throughout this time i have been an NZARH Judge, a worldskills trainer and have been apart of a fantastic Redken Artistic Team. Hairdressing education has a big place in my heart and is the key to excellent Hairdressing. I love to work in the salon as a part of the team and have so many fabulous clients that bring a positive element to my day. I do my best to make people feel good about themselves and the benefits I recieve for creating a happy environment is priceless.


Tuesday 9-3 
Wednesday 9-8
Thursday 9-8
Friday 9-4